Emotional takes COVID 19.

26 January, 2021

The world situation unleashed in recent weeks by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world economic situation together with the obvious problems in Mexico and its political uncertainty that has generated a social and economic imbalance, in addition to the changes generated by the fourth industrial revolution and the digital transformation of things is altering the physical, mental and emotional health of people.

At Dämadi SweetHomes we have talked with some specialists, relatives and grandparents about this moment that we are living. We have focused on three fundamental questions to know if this moment has left and will leave some emotional traces in the memory of our life teachers: our grandparents.

How are grandparents living this situation?

What are we doing for them?

What will happen to the world of grandparents when this is all over?

What is the best place to protect and ensure the quality of life of our grandparents?

Surely these questions would generate an endless list of doubts. The idea is not to list that infinite and long notebook of questions, quite the opposite. It is time to give answers to help and ensure the physical, mental and especially the emotional health of our grandparents.

It is evident that we are facing a change of an era, of a new world order that will transform all our ways of life. The essence of time will not be the same, the way of living will change for all the inhabitants of the world. These are times of global uncertainty. Humanity is entering a crisis that will end and transform the way we live, relate, consume, experience and feel. Our generation will not work for equality, equity, the economy or freedom, we will fight for the survival and balance of humanity on earth.

For more than 25 years, the digital world has exceeded the capacities of many of our grandparents. 7 out of 10 grandparents have no contact with technology and advances in telephony, telecommunications and the digital world. This situation has triggered stress and anguish to those old people who feel remoteness and total saturation when they need to answer a call on the wireless phone at home, on their cell phone; when they have to talk via Skype or WhatsApp with their loved ones. Or, by having to pay with your card and verify your passwords at a point of sale terminal in your favorite restaurant. These examples from everyday life have diminished the peace and tranquility of our grandparents.