Safe Residence Program

Dämadi, COVID-19 free

At Dämadi SweetHomes we are aware of the causes of the spread of COVID-19, which is why every day we strive to ensure the health, hygiene, safety, tranquility and happiness of our community of grandparents, adult allies, suppliers, collaborators and managers.

At Dämadi SweetHomes we have designed and implemented the “Safe Residence Program” Dämadi Free from COVID-19, which consists of new hygiene protocols within Dämadi Pedregal Home and Dämadi Tlalpan Residence, which includes our grandparents and elderly residents, their relatives, the staff of hosts and collaborators of each of our SweetHomes in order to provide sanitized and safe spaces. With these actions we aim to fulfill current national and international suggestions in the fight against the pandemic to minimize risk, and thus taking care of the health of people who come to Dämadi SweetHomes.


Safe Residence

Residencia Segura

Safety Mesures

Medidas de Seguridad
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