At Dämadi Tlalpan Residence we strive for your well being.

For all those teachings and life lessons, our Dämadi SweetHomes are the perfect place to pay tribute to our grandparents, making them experience the best moments of their lives in a home environment.

Tlalpan main garden

Tlalpan Residence

The Dämadi Residences are generally large antique houses that remind us of ancient Mexico. They are the ideal place and the perfect setting where grandparents spend the best moments of their lives in the midst of a fusion of experiences that day by day connects them with their inner child, their happy past and their best memories.

In our Dämadi Residence we pay tribute to all those emotions and expressions of life that make grandparents feel that they are living their best moment.

The Dämadi Residences are the ideal home for grandparents with a soul and a jovial attitude who still have physical and mental independence with a young heart to live and enjoy new experiences. Thus, filling the voids left in them by a home where their children already made their lives and are now alone, neglected in an environment of abandonment and not suitable for their well-being and integral happiness.


Experiences Menu

A clean and neat home for our grandparents to live in,

A comfortable, warm and clean suite,

Home kitchen for a nutritious, healthy diet morning, noon and night,

Attention and specialized medical care all day,

Physical activities to exercise their bodies,

Coexistence and social activities,

Laundry service 365 days a year,

Security and Attention 24 hours a day,

Art and culture experiences

Dance and music experiences

Technological experiences


Each resident chooses which activities they are most excited about, according to their likes, skills and preferences.

Always enjoying everyone’s ideas and proposals, which generates a very positive and healing climate of integration.

Board games

Painting workshops


Ball games

A taste of Dämadi Tlalpan Residence

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